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Thanks for the votes of confidence... the timing on all this could have been better, as we are also in the middle of moving house. In fact we just moved all our stuff a few days ago from Eureka CA up here to Corvallis OR. We thought we had found a good house, but it turned out not so great (won't go into details here), so we have been kind of up in the air the last few days, looking for another house. Add to this the fact that the rental market in this town is not great - it's a big college town, and the college has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with OSU seemingly unloading a lot of the accommodations load onto the town rental market. With so many students a lot of the available rentals are either really ratty and depressing, or else high end and out of our reach. So we're here in this temporary place, everything in cardboard boxes... then to have the website going down at the same time... it's a bit much. But that's life! You deal.

Update on the server: They told me it would cost $50 for ground, $150 for 2 day or $250 for overnight, so I opted for overnight. I don't know if that's a rip off, but I am really in no position to quibble over shipping costs. They're probably being straight about it but I have no way of telling, basically they have to ship it anyway so I have to get it done and worry about costs later. Apparently they missed the shipping window today (had to be by 1:30pm), so as I have already paid their invoice they should presumably be able to get it out the door tomorrow, Thursday... so assuming "overnight" really means what it says (and for $250 it should) then I might have the server here sometime on Friday. If it comes in the morning, which overnight to businesses often do (I think), then I might even be able to get the drive rebuilt and the server back up that same day. This is another reason I went for overnight - otherwise it would go out over the weekend, which is always a pain.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted here and on twitter...

Thanks again for your patience,

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