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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
Very provocative post and I'm going to ask.

Why three if they are not garbage?

Not trying to challenge or argue.

Inquiring minds want to know....

The first got lost when the Chinese mount I bought for a second bike came undone. Spent an hour looking for it, and couldn't find (on Tahoe Rim Trail)

The second one survived 10 minutes in the washing machine a few times, but couldn't survive my wifes extra soak, double spin, super duper wash cycle she likes to use on bike clothes.

I searched and read DC Rainmaker until my eyes turned blue, and I still went back to the Wahoo Elmnt Bolt about a month ago.
Originally Posted by ksryder
Can't speak for Reynolds but I replaced a Bolt after sending it through the wash when I forget it was in my jersey pocket.

It actually still worked, but the elevation numbers got all wonky. Wahoo gave me a code for a 40% crash replacement discount.
Wow. I had no idea. thanks for the tip, I will email them and ask for a discount code for the next time I screw up!

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