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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
Back on topic, some of the DC Rainmaker comments about the Wahoo leave me wondering if I shouldn't try the Garmin 830 first.
You know, with all due respect to DCR, his negative review of the ROAM was basically "it doesn't do as much as I think it should do" rather than "it fails at doing some things." I think DCR can be a kind of a "princess and the pea" type of user, it seems.

I think that critical aspect of Wahoo's appeal--out-of-the-box reliability--is still very much valid. It just works. I'm pretty simple and I don't need most of the new features that some of the new units offer. I just want it to record my ride and tell me how fast I'm going while doing it, more or less.

Yes, there were a few issues with the firmware updates back in May, but I think they've been blown way out of proportion. They seem to have been fixed pretty much immediately.

I admit that I am just a single user but I haven't had any problems with my Bolt since they fixed the firmware updates. Even the problems I had were fairly minimal -- it screwed up how I had some pages organized, and it changed all my units to metric. I didn't actually lose any data.

So yeah, the Wahoo doesn't have as many features, but it just plain works.

Caveat: I've never used a Garmin so I can't compare it directly. They're probably great. But I've had no complaints with Wahoo.
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