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So a lot of people have the Wahoo "Just Works" mentality over Garmin. Being someone who has used both now a good deal I do not see one or the other better in this respect. I have had failures with my Wahoo "Not working" just like I have with the Garmin. Actually to date I have had more "not working" events on the wahoo over the garmin but to be fair I have more time on the Wahoo. But I have only had 2 events in 6 months with Garmin (one was with an 820, the other the 830). I have NEVER lost a ride with either Wahoo or Garmin. My events have been a won't start or won't connect to a sensor issue. I have been burned by bad firmware on the Wahoo, not yet had that experience with the Garmin. Mind you the bad firmware was an early version of the Elemnt and the resolve was to do a force reset to get it working again but it prevented me from using it on a ride.

Even with that said I have been happy with both Garmin and Wahoo, but for my use case the Garmin is better.
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