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First ride of 2019 (well kinda). Cool, dry, 48 deg when I left the house. Did 11.8 miles in about 58 minutes but that's including a stop at the gas station for Gatorade and a banana. Only used the electric assist a few times, mostly for getting going at the few intersections I come across and once near the end when I was just feeling a little lazy. But the bike weighs around 60 lbs itself and I had my day bag, gym bag and lunchbox on my bike too so not too bad. Ride home should be interesting though since I cant take the same path due to increased traffic on a narrow roadway. All the lights did a good job of letting me see ahead of me as well as staying visible to the auto traffic.

I'll start out with three times a week while the weather is good. After winter, I plan to ride all five work days each week, every week. I figured I have all this money tied up in my bike, so why not use it
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