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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Holy schnikidies, folks - that was, uh... fun.

I started my Sufferfest trial today. The major thing that differentiates them from others is that they test you all along your power curve, instead of tailoring everything based solely upon your FTP. They call it 4DP and, within one hour, you'll have all-out tests at 5 sec (twice), 5 min, 20 min and 60 sec. Ouchy. After completing the test, they'll tell you which aspect sucks less than the others and give you an idea of your rider type.

As predicted, they told me that I'm a climber.

Okay, jk. They say I'm a Pursuiter - "If you have five minutes to give it everything, no one else has a chance. You may lack the kick of the true sprinter or the steady, diesel-like power of the breakaway specialist, but you can put your head down and do serious damage on the track or shorter time trials. As a Pursuiter, you have Maximal Aerobic Power to spare. That 5-minute effort in Full Frontal? That’s your happy place. "

That actually sounds about right.

Even though I'm only one day in to my trial with Sufferfest, this is feeling much more up my alley vs Zwift.
Nice! told me I was a Cat V time trialist. Now that's some serious shade!

I suppose I can comfort myself with the knowledge that it doesn't know how old I am.

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