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It's Not A Problem

I am over 60 with diabetes and MS. I ride my Easy Racer EZ-1 SC Lite in fairly heavy traffic all the time. I don't see the controversy. Why would anyone think a 'bent' would be any more difficult to ride in traffic than a standard bike? Of course, you need to be comfortable with handling the bike, but that is true of any bike. Starting and stopping on a 'bent' takes a little getting used to, but once it becomes automatic, you should be good to go. I actually think it is better with a 'bent' because you do not have to dismount from the seat to put your feet down at a stop. Maybe I just have short legs, but on a normal bike, I have always had to dismount from the seat and straddle the top bar at stops, unless there is a curb I can put one foot on. My biggest problem with learning to handle a bent was going in a straight line. Mine is so maneuverable that by the time I think about moving over a few inches, I am on the other side of the street. I've gotten much better since I started, about a year ago. I can almost steer completely straight now.

I've been a Bicycle Vehicularist most of my life because most of the time I did not own a car. I have always loved riding, under my own power. Bicycles are the greatest machine ever invented, in my opinion. I started with my 'bent' about a year ago when my MS-induced numbness from my waist to my feet made it very difficult to mount and dismount my other wonderful bikes. I cried when I got the diagnosis. I felt like my life was over because my bikes were one of the few things I could still enjoy, and still have some independence. It was bad enough to be over 60 with diabetes. Luckily, a friend (who I don't think has ever been on a bicycle...) suggested I try 'bents' and he probably saved my life with that suggestion. He also suggested a trike, and I plan to get an 8-speed Go Plus within the next month, just to run errands on.

I have even been riding my EZ-1 on the local mountain bike trails (the easy ones, you know...the Bunny Slopes...). It's great as long as you remember you have a much longer wheel-base, and a lower center of gravity. I am not riding fast or wild. Mostly just sight-seeing. I do know why they don't have something similar to hiking trails for bikes, for those of us who just want to have a leisurely ride through the woods.

I don't see that anyone would have trouble riding a 'bent' in heavy least not any more than on any other bike. I have seen some of the newer recumbents that are very low to the ground. I have never ridden one of these, so I don't know if that would affect your visibility, but even if so, it should be an easy fix. Just mount a flag on the back.

Just my opinions.
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