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Originally Posted by banerjek View Post
'Bents are definitely different in traffic.

On the good side:
  • You are funny looking which is good for being noticed
  • Demographics not known for their love of cyclists tend not to lump you with the group they hate -- rather they respond with more curiosity
  • People think you have some kind of physical disability and/or are in greater danger than everyone else
  • You'll get cut more space
On the bad side
  • You're lower and less visible when you're right next to vehicles.
  • Handling is not as good as a DF
  • Eyeballs closer to headlight level, especially if you do recumbent trikes
No way I'd wear anything other than clipless. Having to clip in and out constantly may be a pain, but it's better than having your feet slip off the pedals, especially in a critical situation.

I don't use clips or clipless pedals. On a 'bent' I don't think you really need them. My feet never slip off the pedals on my 'bent'. Of course, at my age and state of health, I do not race or ride particularly aggressively. I consider it a successful ride if I arrive alive, and relatively unharmed, no matter how long it takes me.
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