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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
Why not? Mountain bikes have been going up, over and down much worse for roughly 40 years now. For a good 15 of that 40 years, we did so without benefit of suspension and for a good 25 years of that 40, we did so without benefit of rear suspension. Broken wheels donít instantly result from dropping and climbing curbs. Broken wheels result from poor technique. Iíve been ďclimbingĒ (hopping, really) curbs for most of that 40 years without issue. Iíve hopped up curbs on mountain bikes, commuter bikes, road bikes (with 23mm tires), and touring bikes with loads all without issue. I build wheels but I donít have to build them because of damage.
Well, this is the commuting forum. Maybe it was a mistake on my part to think that the OP was inquiring about incorporating a curb-hop into her/his daily commute.
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