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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
First guy close passes every pedestrian, one on the RIGHT.

Second guy, we are four people spaced six feet apart at the light. And then arrives slaloming shoaler.

Really, people? Really?
Same thing here in Pennsylvania. 80% of the trail users are doing great. Using the right edge of the trail, move to single file when they hear you coming. No bunching up, plenty of distancing for passing. BUT 20% appear to be clueless, criminally negligent. Passing close, not moving over, blocking the trail, walking in large family or friend groups. No distancing. Not moving over.

I'm sure some did not hear me muttering "Stupid people, stupid, stupid". The groups of girls stopped in the middle of the trail with their bikes, blocking most of the trail probably heard me yell at them. The tight group of riders on a narrow bridge, leaving 1ft of room to pass probably did hear my full volume F bomb. Ok, I lost my cool there. Scary. Small wonder our case counts are rising exponentially.

Two young mothers with babies in their strollers and small kids, stopped one on each side of the narrow trail. Two feet of space between them, yaking away. I stopped 20 feet away, track standing, waiting. No movement. One finally flicks her hand "come on thru". I held my breath and my tongue but those folks may end up in the hospital. Really, people, really?
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