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Originally Posted by hokiefyd View Post
There are some newer designs (like Tektro Spyke) that actually move both pads towards the disc, like hydraulic brakes do.
I have TRP Spyres on my gravel bike which have that feature, and I like them.

Originally Posted by hokiefyd View Post
The thing I like most about disc brakes (all types) is the consistency you get in braking power and modulation. Rim brakes are subject to a bunch of different environmental and mechanical variables. If there's any amount of rim surface runout, you'll feel that either in the brake lever or in a pulsing feeling when braking (similar to a car that needs its brake rotors resurfaced).
Yes, that's part of what I mean by difficult to keep adjusted. They just seem like they constantly need attention. But I'm sure part of that is my own lack of knowledge... knowing the little tricks to prevent this or that from being a problem.

Originally Posted by hokiefyd View Post
I've also found that differences in humidity can really make them squeal. I keep all my bikes in my shop in a walk-out basement and my rim brakes will squeal for a while after taken out on a humid day because of the sudden change in humidity.
That's interesting. I never considered that before. But my bikes are all kept in the garage, so humidity could certainly have been an issue.
Fortunately now the only bike I have left with rim brakes is a kids bike that is waiting for my second son (11 years behind his big brother) to grow into it.

Looking at the two bikes the OP asked about, I would go with the Trek. Not just because of the brakes, but also the tires and gearing. OP mentioned hills and speed. The Trek's lowest gear is 30/36 which is about 0.833, while the Marin's lowest gear is 28/32 which is 0.875. That's not a huge difference, but on some hills it might make a difference. And the Trek comes with 32mm tires vs the 38mm on the Marin. I've found 35mm to be the sweet spot for me, but if speed is one of the OP's main goals, the 32s might be better than the 38s. But the Trek is also a good bit more expensive than the Marin.
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