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IF you see the value in having a helmet, you know that keeping it on your head is the only place to safely carry it.

Additionally, if you're riding with your child and putting a helmet on their head, be a good example and put yours on too. It's funny is the number of young teens I see doing the same thing - they ride around just like mom, with it hanging from the bars. But I'm sure mom feels much better knowing that they left with a helmet. LOL

If I have a helmet with me on my bike, it goes securely on my head. If it's a slow roll for a slice and beer, the helmet stays at home. Or if I do a club ride, then grab a slice and beer a mile from home - the helmet goes on my head for the last mile, just like the 60 miles before the beer and pizza. It's just that simple, and not a false dichotomy.

Based on the feedback here, I guess we have a lot of BFers that see the value in protecting their handlebars with a helmet.
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