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Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
You sound skeptical...
And of course, if we don't make it to Level 5, robot-car hawks will claim that it's a technology problem (not safe enough, not reliable enough...). And people like me will say it's a public education problem (the robot-car hawks are too stupid and/or stubborn to understand that the technology is good enough)
Really, good enough for what? Educate me.

Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
[EDIT] thinkng a little more, I think Level 5 is too ambitious for 5 years. Level 4 is more like it. I think Level 5, strictly interpreted, may never be possible. There will probably always be some small percentage of situations where the car will be programmed to decide that the risk is unacceptable and say something like "Due to construction/weather/whatever, I cannot drive any closer to your destination, you'll have to walk from here, or can I call you a pedicab or manual taxi" or whatever.
A little thinking and skepticism is useful for seeing behind the curtain of hype and wishful thinking.

Do you understand that level 5 vehicles have to be capable of driving without human assistance or oversight beyond the boundaries of tiny geo-fenced fair weather enclaves, limited to minutely mapped and coordinated with the installed vehicle proprietary software, well marked lanes, and close to ideal road conditions that are without snow, ice, fog or slippery surfaces. DO you understand that none exist now, nor have any of the promoters so far demonstrated any Level 5 prototypes that would indicate that they have "solved" the "technology problem" or will be able to solve the "technology problem" of level 5 in the next 5 years or will be capable of producing and fielding safe Level 5 vehicles in the next 5 years.

Wishful thinking and hype do not make a safe driver less vehicle any closer to being produced.

The "solution" may be what you are hinting at - change the definition of "self driving vehicles" to whatever the promoters are capable of producing and declare mission accomplished, no matter how limited the usefulness, safety and practicality is of a sort-of, kind-of, almost-like a driver less vehicle.
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