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Thanks. Work can be difficult at times but over the years I have managed ways to compensate for the weaker leg and other varying issues I have. There is also the likelihood I will move into management in the future making the job much less physically demanding (but increasing the walking). I managed a truck dealership a couple years ago and did well but hated the retail aspect of it and never enjoyed being a manager. I like fixing things. I like figuring stuff out. But at my current job if the opening for manager comes I think I will try for it. It’s a good job and though it’s not my preference it’s probly best for my and family.

Cummuting on a bicycle is out of tbe question sadly for me as works 36kms one way and I start at 6:00am. In nice weather I commute on my motorcycles.

Bicycling is purely recreation/exercise for me. After a bunch of questions here. I have decided to just try a bit harder this spring to push just a bit more. And if things don’t work out i am going to convert one of my bikes to an e bike and give that a try.
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