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OK, so I rode 1000 miles in June to fundraise for cancer. 4 different bikes, 4 flats, one on each bike.
Flat #4 was a tubular, a Tufo Carbon Composite on a Zipp rim. Bad valve.
I replace the tire with a new one, no sealant, and on we go.
Across Indiana. Across Wisconsin.
2 Centuries in SW Illinois, 1 in St. Louis.
No problem.

I'm riding on bike trails in Madison County, IL, a little bit of snow, some very minor ice, 35-40 degrees.
Same tire goes slowly flat. Too cold to mess with, we add CO2 and off we go.
10 more miles, flat again. Too cold to mess with, we add CO2 (my last) and off we go.
6 more miles, flat again. 2 miles to go. I get back on the saddle, lighten the front, and go baby go.
Ending: flat as a pancacke.
Sits inside for a week, flat as a pancake.
I pull it off the rim, air it up, nothing. Holds air.
I fill the big sink with water, no leaks, everything is fine.
I add 2 oz of Stan's, air it up, seems to be holding.
Any ideas what the Sam Heck is going on here?
I mean, it was really inconvenient.
Not to mention, my bike is now 2 oz heavier.

4 days later: thing is still holding air.
I may ask, WTF? but I know, sometimes the boojuns sneak out and torment me.
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