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Originally Posted by Meagannn View Post
here what I came across the last time Is there anything looking at?
Personally I don't want a 15 pound heavy wheel that will have magnet drag that impedes coasting and unpowered pedalling,and that is what most of the items on that list are, Perhaps, if I had to ride a bike at 30 mph in traffic, I would love those kits, but I just need a bike that feels like a bike, but has power assist for recreational riding. The hilltopper fits that need, is the only light weight kit but has no pedal assist. The base model is only an on/off power switch. The higher end model use throttles. Quite limited in my opinion. I like throttles and find them useful, but a bike should run off the pedals.

Alas, lighter weight geared motors kits with pedal assist/throttle are hard to find in the USA. I bought this one last winter. It has a bug though. WIth the LCD version, the speedometer doesn't run when coasting, I'll have to mount a bike computer to track mileage accurately.

I am installing it for a friend right now, and it's on an aluminum bike with steel front suspension forks, I am kind of alarmed putting a rear 500W motor on an aluminum frame. The dropouts look kind of flimsy. And even though I've done this before, I find it tedious to find a location for the controller The PAS sensor took me two hours too. There will be a lot more work shortening the cables. I'm thinking a mid drive kit is a lot lot easier to install. Anyway, I cannot comment on the rideability til it's finished. I've bought two earlier kits from the same vendor but had the 3 speed PAS 36V version. I liked them.
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