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Originally Posted by wipekitty View Post
Having spent most of my life in either the Upper Midwest or West, Dorian is only my fourth tropical storm experience. There was Lee in 2011 (which sucked...and I rode through) and Isaac in 2012 (my first experience ignoring an evacuation order - nothing happened), both in Alabama, and whatever hit Texas in 2003 when I was too dumb to know what was going on.

The outer bands started moving through Durham mid-morning and now it's starting to pick up. Work officially shut down at 2PM, and it was fine when I left at 3. I doubt anything major will go down this far inland.

Stay safe and dry, y'all.
For the last 35 years or so, I have lived in So Cal, and experienced the occasional earthquake, and ALWAYS kept a supply of water and goods... in case "the big one" hit.

I have been in Florida since March, and the 10 or so days of "will it hit or not" anxiety as well as the scramble to "get outta town," have been "interesting," and yet nothing like the "BAM it's done and over" feeling of an earthquake. It was like watching DOOM approach and never being sure which way to duck.

I felt fantastic relief after I finally drove my little RV trailer back to it's spot after "hiding out" for 5 days.
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