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I've had my share of brain farts, moments of inattention and weird confluences that could have turned out a lot worse.

Earlier this year I was konked in the head by a railroad crossing arm that dropped unexpectedly quickly. I was tailgunner on a casual group ride. The group got split at the rail crossing and I called out to the slower riders that we were stopping at the crossing. The train was still several hundred yards away and moving very slowly, so I took a quick look around for vehicle traffic and other cyclists as I was backing away from the crossing. Crossing arm bonked my noggin. Fortunately the helmet deflected it, no harm to my head or helmet. MIPS does what it claims -- harness stayed in place while the hard shell pivoted around it.

A few weeks ago I stopped at a stop sign intersection that is always tricky, partly due to visual obstructions, partly due to the speed of crossing traffic. Looked clear in every direction so I went ahead. After I was in the right lane I looked over my shoulder before moving left and there was a car right up my butt. This all happened within a couple of seconds. I had no idea how that car got there but I'm absolutely certain I'd looked and it was clear.

Later I checked my helmet camera to figure out what happened. The car was in a parking lot across the street -- 5 lanes, including the middle turn lane. After I had checked every direction and moved into the right lane, simultaneously that car zipped very quickly across five lanes into my lane and right up my butt. Fortunately the driver braked in time.

I'm reluctant to blame that driver. I'll take some responsibility for not noticing it across the street in the parking lot. I'd only looked for traffic already in the streets in all directions.
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