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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
So where did you come up with this ďonly one flat a weekĒ rule? Iíve had 2 flats in 10 minutes less than 100 yards apart. And, no, the flats werenít related.
I donít agree with people who say that flats occur in one location but there is nothing that says you canít have more than one flat every other day. Iíve had more than 65 flats (I stopped counting at 65) in a single day...in a 16 mile ride. I ran out of tubes, patches and ended up carrying the bike for the last mile. Flats are a completely random event for which you canít plan. Saying that they fit some kind of schedule is just silly.
Why do you multi-quote ***** all the time? I don't come around telling you how to build a wheel, so take your nose out of my area.

When I rode the open Downs the chances of getting a puncture were minimal, other than the random rusty nail type event. When I descended into a valley it would generally be between hedges, often blackthorn. In autumn and winter this was not much of a problem, but once they started to cut the hedges many of the thorns ended up scattered on the tarmac, so the chances of a puncture rose. While one cannot predict exactly where a puncture will occur, one can calculate the risk - higher for post-cut hedged roads, lower for unhedged plateau roads. So you can map out the areas of high and low risk, which is nothing different to what businesses do every day, nothing different to the algorithms that place the adverts down the right hand side of this page - which for me this week are all scantily clad ladies advertising lingerie because of a job I had this week editing lingerie shop content online.

Our not being able to do something is not the same as no one being able to do it.
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