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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
I wonder if Park patches are the Rema of glueless. In other words, there is an adhesive used on them that isnít used on others. Park does say that they worked with 3M on the adhesive. If anyone knows contact adhesives, itís 3M.
I'm not so sure Park worked with 3M, I could be wrong, but here's what I remember. When I first started using glueless patches they said 3M on the box, I used those for maybe 10 years, then 3M stopped selling them and I was told that 3M didn't want to be in the bike business and sold the rights to Park.

If that is true what I said, then is Park making the patches for Topeak under the Park license?

By the way, Lezyne patches were among the worse glueless patches I've ever used, along with Skab which I think they sold the name rights to Slime some years back. Here's the interesting thing as to why I brought that up, I heard that Gorilla Glue company made a tough black tape, so I bought some and cut a square piece and applied it to a tube that had a hole, that darn Gorilla black tape held up just as long as the crappy glueless patches from Skab and Lezyne did for a lot less money, so the Gorilla black tape will get you home, but that's about it.
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