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Originally Posted by Jarrett2 View Post
I'd like to get into touring a bit in 2015. By touring, I mean ride 40-80 miles a day with overnight stops at hotels over the course of a long weekend or even a week possibly. No tents at this point. Just overnight stuff and clothes.

If possible, I'd like to use my regular road bike, a carbon fiber Specialized Roubaix. I'm wondering if that is advisable and if so, are there some temporary racks/bags/panniers I could put on and take off of my Roubaix for these trips? Not something that needs to be installed long term, but rather something I could install and remove as needed.

Are there such things?

And is touring with a (25mm tire) CF road bike advisable?
Definitely! You'll have a blast. I was considering a Specialized Roubaix for touring before I settled on the Cervelo RS.

You actually don't need any racks to do what you propose. Take a look at "bikepacking" saddlebags or small Carradice saddlebags like the Barley.
Here is a thread you will find interesting


and some pictures of my bike with a minimal set of stuff for a long weekend credit carding.
You might want to add a handlebar bag like an Ortlieb for a bit of extra room for an extra set of clothes. Here's a gear list

Wallet with cards and money
iPhone, earphones, backup battery and charger
Spare tube and patch kit
Rain jacket
Patagonia long sleeve shirt
Running tights
Shower cap
Small cable lock
First aid kit
Bic lighter
Front and rear lights
Emergency mylar blanket
Toilet kit
Pen and notebook
Nylon backpack (in case I need to carry extra stuff)

On bike or worn (not shown)
2x 1L water bottles
One set of clothes

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