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Originally Posted by noobinsf View Post
Boo. I come here to live vicariously through others' mistakes. Thumbs down.
You're in luck! My resolve did not fare so well. I posted the Bianchi to the "Are You Looking..." thread, which instigated this thread. I often post bikes to that thread to avoid buying them. (Also, it was too small for me.) I do regret one such posting which still haunts me. It was a '73 Colnago for $300. I had dibs, and someone (from here, bless his heart), offered to facilitate, but I couldn't get it together. Otherwise, posting to "Are You Looking..." allows me to expunge the bike from my memory.

I didn't post one there recently. I paid for it and for the packing of it by a bike shop a few hours ago. I'll arrange Bikeflights or Shipbike once I have the dimensions.

I have a new plan. I'm buying this bike to keep me from buying other bikes. It's not terribly expensive. But now I won't need other bikes, so will sell them. I bought a "stealth" Ghibli a few months ago. It is a repaint with "American Classic" decals. It rides so well I don't really want to ride any of my other "go-fast" bikes. I don't mind parting with them. But the "American Classic" was supposed to be my new beater bike. I can't put a rack on it. No eyelets. So I bought a bike with eyelets. I'll put a rack on it. I can only think of one other "sports touring" bike with eyelets and a long wheelbase I've ever seen I would rather have, and there's slim chance of one of those coming my way.

So, that's my new plan: buy a bike to keep from buying bikes.

What could go wrong?

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