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Originally Posted by wens View Post
Just want to point out that you're probably not slower on shorter cranks, but you're also probably only faster if hip angle is a limiter. If you're super flexible, I don't think changing crank length is going to make you faster or slower (after you adapt)
Yeah, I think it's more of a event-specific tuning for the reasons stated above.

For example, if I were doing a Standing 250M event, maybe 165. I'd rev a lot then taper off at the finish. But, if I were doing Man 1 where I need to 1) not drop man 2, and 2) drop the team off at my max speed, then a bigger gear and longer cranks would be in order.

Same with a standing 500M. Longer was better for me.

But 165s were great for me hanging on in bunch races. I remember riding 165s and finished a points race on the lead lap and impressed my teammates because usually I'll be toast mid way and drop out.
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