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Originally Posted by RiceAWay View Post
I have an older LeMond Zurich built of Reynolds 853 oversize steel tubing. I would estimate the weight difference between that and a Washoe at 1 lb. From experience I can tell you that the Zurich is the best bike I've ever ridden. It handles perfectly under all conditions wet or dry. I have no fears of a catastrophic failure for which carbon bikes are no longer "prone" but does occasionally occur through the fact that most carbon bikes are made in China and quality control isn't the first priority. (But remember that some of the best carbon bikes in the world are built there.) I keep seeing people saying that Trek frames are made in Madison, but I also saw 3 Treks and a Gary Fisher crack near the bottom bracket. This wasn't a catastrophic failure by any stretch of the imagination but it did require the time to get and replace the frame with their lifetime warranty. Though thoughts of Madone SL's do flit through my head......
I'm not anticipating significant improvements (weight/ride/performance) over my Croix de fer. I like my Emonda quite a lot; no concerns over the quality of the frame. I just like my Croix de fer so much that I thought it'd be nice to get a newer LeMond (and I could transfer the Red22 group from the Emonda over to it). I wanted to get a Washoe when they were available, but I was unfortunately out of funds at the time. Missed the boat for sure!
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