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Originally Posted by Pscyclepath View Post
The way I teach it in the League Traffic Skills and Commuting classes:

Stand on the left side of the bike. Place your right hand on the saddle and reach across the bicycle with the left hand to grab the right end of the handlebar. Lean the bike towards you until you can easily step over the frame and then start raising the bicycle and shifting your feet until you are astride the frame. You may have to make two steps to get all the way over the frame.

As for spilling what's in the crate, I usually keep the stuff back there containerized in some sort of box or plastic bag... it's much better than having loose junk rolling around back there, and potentially falling through the holes in the bottom of the crate.
This sounds very much like how I used to have to mount my Le Tour… I never could really swing my leg over the rear tire and seat post very well. When my hip started going bad it got to the point that I would have to lay the bicycle on the ground and step over the top tube; pick the bicycle up a little and step over the bottom bracket. Getting off of the bicycle was far more risky of a maneuver.

After my hip replacement I got a U-frame, and then a Mixte; problem solved. I’m probably to the point now where I could mount/dismount a diamond frame again using your method, but I like my Mixte so well there really isn’t any need to now. And, even with a cooler full of picnic for the wife and I… I don’t need to lean the Mixte over at all. But, I used to wonder if anybody else mounted their bike the way you describe, because almost everyone else threw their leg over the seat or some over the handlebars. I never saw anyone else lean the bike over and step over the center bar like I used to.
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