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"All Round Fitness" Including Bicycling Thread

Perhaps some of you are like me - loving bicycling, but also into a lot of other "all-round" fitness activities and regimens, and would like a 50+ thread to discuss??

I am pretty heavily involved in:
  • Bicycling/spinning classes (when necessary)
  • All sorts of resistance training/weight lifting, TRX, stretch bands, free weights and similar
  • Swimming
  • A variety of stretches - in my case prescribed to prevent certain problems
  • Walking (my body does not allow me to run due to trochanteric hip bursitis)
  • Body balance
  • Muscle balance, imbalance
  • Nutrition
  • Body metrics - Blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • Body composition (fat/muscle/bones)

So how about you? Are you involved in any of the above? How often? What activities?

Any others interested?

Curious about responses!!

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