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My path is similar in that I like a lot of variety in my exercise and also try to pay attention to nutrition and all areas of health. I raced bikes when I was young, and did Triathlon in my early to mid 30s. Then I got out of shape for probably a decade or so. Started being somewhat more active around 50 yr/old. Thought I had to quite running due to a blood clot/PE and knee issues. By mid 50s was pretty committed to strength training and aerobic conditioning primarily at the Y. Through the years I always rode bike, but not a lot and not very seriously. A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to prepare to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. Got serious about hiking 3-4 times a week and as many hills as possible. I wasn't able to make the trip (knees) but my wife and daughter did and had a blast. About a year ago had a complete work up done on both knees told they'd both need replacing but could probably get by for quite a while. Told to do pretty much anything but run or hike uneven surfaces. So last summer I did two sprint Tri's including the runs. Knees are hanging in there! So at this point I'm planning more triathlon next year and maybe an Olympic distance. My "off season" conditioning is:
- Currently a variety of aerobic stuff pretty much daily at the Y including eliptical, stepper, shooting baskets, rowing
- Running 1-2 miles about 4 days a week working on running with high cadence and running as "light" as possible. I'll be working up to long runs of 5-6 miles weekly in about 2 months
- Currently swimming 3 days a week about 4500 yrds, working toward 5 or more days a week and 10,000+ weekly yards
- Been spinning at the Y about 3 days a week. In less than a week we'll be in Florida for the winter and will probably average 100+ road miles a week
- I do yoga classes twice weekly, this has been a huge help for my back and comfort on the bike overall. I also try to work on bike core stuff and stretching and some yoga on my own for at least a few minutes daily. I might add a third class.
- Have done some pilates, might try to do more. My wife is a certified instructor, I'm thinking I'll probably try to do 30 min with her a couple of times a week in FL.
- Hike at least once or twice weekly. When in FL will do 2-4 hour beach walk/runs at least a couple of times a week.
- As far as nutrition, we've always favored whole/natural foods, lots of veggies, as little processed and fast food as possible. We've experimented with a variety of patterns including paleo, eat right for your type, vegan, etc.
- Could have been on BP medication 30+ years ago but controlling diet sodium, stress, and consistently trying to stay in at least decent shape of kept me off. Now that I'm really working on conditioning and nutrition my BP is lowest its been since early 20s. Well I think not having the stress of working helps that as well. I'm 5'10"+ and weigh about 155-158. I'd like to be closer to 150 and will probably start working toward that after the holidays. I peaked out at 190 + in my 40s.
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