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I'm a former Cub Scout, Boy Scout and U.S. Marine who's battled with the disease of addiction most all his life since age 12...I once put together 16+ years Clean & Sober during which time I became 2nd in the State of Florida as a competitive NFAA/FAA archer who's parent still have my letter of invitation to compete in "The 1991 Nationals"....back then I also pedaled 27 miles a day, jogged 3-5 miles a day and spent 1-2 hours with free-weights...everyday....for 5 years....then I met a girl...built a house...got hitched and raised 3 daughters all while working gobs of OT and no time for anything else...started smoking cigarettes again (the beginning of the end)...and hung in there by the skin of my teeth until several friends from NJ rode down on their motorcycles to take me too Daytona's Biketoberfest 2001...where I fell....which led to a 10 year long run ending with a class A addiction to opiates which almost cost me all in one fell swoop....job, family, home and life.

This coming July 27th I'll have 5 years clean and sober again...and the end of this month?...marks 3 months of kicking cigarettes (though I still hit a E-cig as little as possible) and?...getting back into cycling as I fear I'm too old and abused to tackling anything high impact like jogging again...leastways not right off the bat...but....what I did do those first few months of clean and sober after the severe withdraws went away?...was get back into my archery...mainly "Traditional" this time as it gives me a sense of inner peace with just God, me and my bow...and?...an excellent form of upper body exercise...here's a vid of me dragging my custom longbow out a few days ago....

and now?...it's time to pedal off some pounds and get the lower body back in shape as well..so I worked cycling back into the mix!

if any of you feel as though you'd like to get into archery for the upper body as well?...feel free to PM me...I'm happy to guide and help you along any way I can. Happy Thanksgiving and L8R, Bill.
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