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Interesting and varied responses - thanks!!!!

My weight is my downfall, but I have lost about 30 lbs this last year and am continuing on my weight loss. At 75, I am extremely pleased when I can increase any portion of my routine, as muscles tend to deteriorate rapidly about now.

I am an extremely slow swimmer, and due to a condition I have called trigeminal neuralgia, I generally swim 1/2 lap with a crawl and the last 1/2 lap with a back stroke. This eliminates enough of the water pressure on my right upper lip which is the trigger point for the TN, which sends electric shocks around my right eyeball. Fun, and I have to be careful or I am in trouble. I generally swim for about 45 minutes to one hour 3-4 times per week. I have been told by the back docs not to do much breast stroke.

As far as bicycling, I am into it only for the enjoyment of the ride, and don't keep track of anything except to sort of set a goal for the day of where I might go and approximate miles. I generally go between 20 and 40 miles, and take whatever amount of time I might like. I also use the bikes for many errands, which builds up quite a bit of mileage.

The one thing I do measue is my various resistance exercises, where I greatly enjoy increases in reps and weight. I take days off and alternate between activities such as TRX, traditional exercises such as bench press, lat pull downs, barbell press, body dips (20-30 at a time), etc. I also do planks - up to 120 seconds and about 40 pushups. And TRX, where I follow a DVD workout.

I go to spinning class, but can arrange my towel in such a way as to sort of hide my phone in the pocket created by the large towel, and quietly sit in the back, reading a book, while following the yelled commands to whatever degree I like.

I tried Yoga but it did not "sync" for me - I hate having someone else touching my body and "adjusting" my limbs, etc. It just drives me nuts, so I gave Yoga up, and do stretches prescribed by my Phy Therapist.

I like to walk and hike, but have to be careful because of my Trochanteric bursitis in my left hip - a long-time injury. I have several "routes" - 3-4 miles long, some more flat than others.

I almost lost my body balance through walking almost entirely on flat surfaces. I used the BOSU ball and other balance activities (balance board, discs, etc.), and started choosing a place where I had to walk through a gully with rocks to be either balanced on or walked around in sand, and have gained it back.

My blood pressure has always been high - even in high school (where I was skinny as a rail) it was 90/140. But yesterday am it was 108/75 and this am 122/75. I have taken a low dose of BP meds for years, and anticipate I will in the future. Cholesterol is fine.

As far as nutrition, we try to eat reasonably balanced meals - oatmeal, lots of fruit, chicken, veggies (although I am not a fan of veggies). whole wheat. We are not into "fad diets" or things that pop in and out of the public view every now and then. Little sugar (we have none in the house) except what you get in processed foods and no added salt. In fact, my blood salt level got so low (120 - sort of dangerous) that my PCP ordered me to eat some salt (we had to go and buy some also)!! However, we do enjoy a McD's low fat ice cream (140 calories) now and then and we have a favorite chinese restauant. So, everything in moderation, I guess.

As far as muscle balance, I used to do a lot of bridges, until my PT said to stop because of my continually degenerating back. Now I figure that all the different modalities I do helps to keep muscles in balance. It is generally known, for example, that only riding a bicycle will build up quads and ignore hams.

Thanks for all your responses!!

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