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I'm afraid to say that I am unlike most of the others who have replied to this thread in that the only strenuous solo activity I regularly undertake is cycling. I also do a bit of hill walking, but I don't really think of these activities as exercise, more like enjoyable, and sometimes tiring, ways of spending time. I keep meaning to re-start Pilates as my old back problems are starting to re-emerge.

At 68, all through my adult life, since late teens until about 10 years ago, I kept myself fit by playing a lot of competitive sport for teams (rugby, tennis, squash, badminton, football, basketball). Age, injuries, plus the fact that I was increasingly getting whipped by youngsters, gradually made me give up these sports, and for a few years I became a regular gym bunny as a substitute for real sport. Then I became extremely bored with gyms and re-discovered cycling.

I know I should be mixing my exercise a bit, and putting in some resistance work, but, to be completely honest I can't get up any enthusiasm for exercise for its own sake and know that I will only continue to partake long-term in exercise if I enjoy it.
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