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Originally Posted by Jinkster View Post
Well if you ever feel froggy?...You can get decked out with a brand new samick sage TD recurve, a dozen arrows and a couple compressed straw bales for less than $200 and the other cool thing is?....once you got this stuff?....you can shoot too your hearts content and it dosen't cost a dime until you shoot out the straw bales....much like once you have a decent bike set up?...you can roll on all the miles you want and it doesn't cost a dime....until the tires wear out.
That may be the theory, but I just dropped my bike off for a complete tune-up - including a new wheel (there were cracks by the nipples) total recableing, everything soaked and cleaned, new brake pads, new bar tape, etc. Total $210. I am NOT a mechanic and let COMPETENT folks work on my bikes. However, I have about 40,000 - 50,000 miles on that bike, and this is the first recabling since 1999.

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