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Fat bike wheel strength??

So im looking at getting a new bike, its been a few years sense I have been riding regularly, and then I was riding a Iron horse FS, did the trick, but I prefer a solid bike, as I have gained some weight.

Part of the reason I am ready to start biking again, besides health concerns, is to be able to use it hunting, towing a trailer with my waterfowl decoys in it back into some spots I like to hunt. A fat bike would be just about perfect for it, as its usually muddy, sandy and sometimes full of snow.

Researching fatbikes, I like the more upright seating, the fact its a solid fork, yet still "mountain bikey", and doesn't look like a cruiser, (fitting in with my friends while riding will keep me at it longer). one thing I haven't been able to find, is how strong the wheel sets are, I know people bikepack off of them, and some even tour, I figure they are probably somewhat stout, and with a squishy tire, probably not as much as a concern vs a regular wheel.

does anyone have any feedback? im looking at lower end bikes, bikes direct models between 499-599 right now, and will generally be on groomed hard pack dirt, paved bike trails, and 2 track farm roads for now, my weight is around the 380 mark, and I don't plan to have any luggage or trailers until my weight is under 300 again.
Thanks in advance!
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