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a few go to recipes...
roasted veg
summer time we do rice paper wraps- I keep a bunch of matchsticked vegetables ready to go, have several sauces (I like just siracha, but sometimes balsamic dressing is DD's or mustard go in), protein is either sliced up chicken breast or hard boiled eggs... when its time to make and eat we just use the kettle and fill a bowl with boiling water, dip the wrapper, set it on plate, put filling on and roll up... then on to the next one.. with 2 or 3 of us at a time (DD isn't home now, but I've done this since she was) we'd either make a plateful then sit together to eat or after a join work out each make one, eat, then take anotehr turn.. healthy, simple and great post workout...

I use the electric pressure cooker a lot.. I can set it and leave and have hot stew/soup on return... I also make my own stocks and broths in it.

my go to smoothie is 1 tsp powdered PB, or 2 of regular, 1 scoop chocolate orgain powder, 1 banana, water and ice to 20 oz... I take that to work and it ges me through the first 4--6 hours of the day... sometimes with a big spoonfulof oats powdered in the blender first, sometimes without- depens on how much of a hurry I am in...
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