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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
It seems like we are starting to pile on someone new again.

Yes, Doge is a very involved parent. But his kid is a legit talent who has represented the US in junior or under 23 races in Europe. (His daughter went to college on an athletic scholarship too - one with an extensive record of success.) His son is exceptionally talented and experienced on the road. And yes, track is not the same as the road, and there is a learning curve to riding and racing on the track. Still, I think it is a bit much to claim his son is cheating or breaking rules by getting upgrades to race at Nationals. And even with Doge's kid's inexperience, I would hardly expect him to be a danger to anyone on the track.
Doge isn't new. He may be a new name for you, but he's very active in other forums. In all these years, I've never heard Doge mention his own riding, bike, or cycling challenges. Only that of his son.

He's said/done similar in other forums. Basically being a proud parent and discussing how the rules shouldn't apply to his very talented son.

He asked specific questions about the track races and got specific feedback. No one found the video of his kid and posted it and heckled it.

He's been here in the past talking about how his kid is one of the top road TT specialists in the country and couldn't understand why people didn't simply grant him access to P/1/2 races simply based on that fact. We explained why. He didn't agree. His son has been in Colorado Springs at the US Air Force Academy for at least a year. Plenty of time to be upgraded to CAT2 and possibly CAT1 if he travels for some races. The fact that son just got upgraded from CAT5 to CAT4 illustrates a lack of interest in progressing.

IMHO, Doge is humble-bragging about his son's performance and as well as asking for feedback. I really don't think he wants feedback though as I don't think he or his son are interested in actually racing track regularly. I think he's using track as a way to rack up "easy" National Championship jerseys.

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