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Thanks for all the replies, everyone.

For reference, I'm 29 years old, and have a bit of experience with long distance riding. I've done a couple of centuries, maybe half-a-dozen 100Ks, and did my first 200K late last year.

That 200K was quite a bit hillier than the one I'm considering at 4700' of punchy western Wisconsin roads, so I'm sure that has contributed a lot to my apprehension. My only experience riding that distance was really painful.

Looks like I'll try for a 50 mile ride this weekend and see how it goes from there.

@GadgetGirlIL I had kind of forgotten about permanents, that's a good suggestion. I recently joined RUSA so I should be eligible to ride them now, I'm not sure about my availability on the weekend you suggested, but lets touch base closer to that date and I will let you know!

@skiffrun I enjoyed that write up, and it was a handy reminder that the actual speed required to successfully complete a brevet is really quite low, for the 200K distance average speed needs to be only 14.8km/hr, or 9.2mph.

I bit the bullet and registered this morning!
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