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Originally Posted by aaronmcd View Post
It's weird how I can trash my legs in the gym but then they are fine on the bike. If I do a big ride first I probably need a few hours to rest and refuel before hitting the gym.

How do you balance rest? Do you deload on recovery week or offset them? I'm due for a rest week after this week on the bike, and a deload any day now. Debating deload this week in hopes of squeezing a bit more out of the bike before recovery week. Or do both at once and maybe come back fresher for both.
My take is that the gym uses the ATP-PC system and there is enough rest between sets for a recharge. The glycolytic and aerobic systems are lightly used in the gym unless one is circuit training. So when you went out on your ride, you have a lot of glycogen remaining and have not generated a lot of waste products. Although, strength training is fatiguing such that it may clip off the top end of the bike workout.

In reverse on an endurance ride, the glycolytic and aerobic systems get a lot of work and even though the ATP PC is "fresh" the muscles are fatigued. If I go into the gym after a long ride, I feel it in my arms and etc as well as my legs.

So when I do my "strength" training on the bike, I warmup and then do accelerations, jumps and starts but keep the efforts really short to stay within the ATP PC window and try not to use glycolysis. I have found that I can then do my endurance workout with little to no impact from the strength part.

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