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Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun View Post
My assumption (based on absolutely no knowledge :-) or wish is they will update it to have TA and hopefully get rid of the D-shaped seatpost. This basically is a great flat bar gravel bike and someone may want to install a short dropper etc. and hopefully they get rid of that wedge seatpost thing and use a regular clamp. I hate it every time I adjust height.

I just checked the website, $850 is the official MSRP from giant. so the LBS should be able to give an even better deal. That makes the SLR 1 an even worse deal since that is not on sale. BTW: i don't like their naming scheme where the lower number is the "better" and more expensive bike.
Kinda agree about the seatpost, but for a diff reason. I donít adjust the seatpost at all on my Giant Escape. Once i set it, thats it. And adjusting it on the toughroad may be a pain compared to a regular clamp. But turning an alan key is not so difficult.

what concerns me more about the d post is if touring in a foreign country or out in the boondocks, and your seat post gets damaged or stolen...good luck trying to find a replacement.

Also, the $850 price is not the regular price...itís the sale price. Even says ďon saleĒ on the offical Giant website. I think they are trying to clear out inventory. So maybe the rumors of it being discontinued are true, i dunno. Even my local bike shop has it for $850. Doubt i could get it for less. Itís already $150 off what it was just a few weeks ago.
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