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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
From my OP:

The whole story is that I had to drive a car daily for about 6 months in (2014 I think) which allowed me to keep up with auto traffic for long periods. Because of this I noticed HOW LONG these morons gaze at their phones at a stretch. Sometimes 5-10 seconds! That's when i knew it was time to quit. Bad enough that in New Orleans HALF of them are legally drunk at any given moment. Not New Years Eve or 4th of July but any day, any time. Worse in the early a.m. when it might be pleasant to ride in the hotter months.

Keep your bike in perfect repair is #1 . Including flat resistant tires. For #2 , if you see a group of people you don't want to tangle with just turn around ASAP and ride a different route until you pass them. I encounter a number of youths walking in the street like gunslingers in an old Western movie - spread out across both lanes of a quiet back street. I turn off immediately and pick another street. I also carry an alloy A.S.P. collapsible baton in my pocket.

Sorry that happened to you. I am sure it freaked you out real good. I hate that s***. You were lucky to avoid a nice sucker punch.
I actually encountered something similar on my old 150 scooter. One of them acted like they were gonna knock me off, I turned around and made them think I was gonna run them down. Never happened on a bicycle, I think it's because I'm usually moving fast.
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