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The issue of moving up from B crit to A crit

I'm debating what to do with the weeknight crit that I do. Last year in the B crit, I had maybe two 2nds, and 1 3rd. This year it was my goal to finish 1st. I accomplished that last week, after placing 2nd the previous two times. So three straight podiums. I'm probably a threat to be on the podium every time at this point in the season.

Last year, after getting a 3rd in the B and then a 5th in the A on the same night, I decided to do just the A crit. That was kind of plus/minus for me. I'm not quite strong enough to be "in the race" in the A. If I get in the break (which would be a miracle, happened once), I'm likely to get dropped from the break (which is what happened). On a night with a weaker field, and everything comes down to a group sprint, maybe I can get 5th (happened twice last year).

Then you have the pressure of not sandbagging. Meaning you don't want to be "that guy" to your fellow racers who resent you for doing the B. And in some cases, the promoter might ask you to consider stopping doing the B. Hasn't happened to me yet. Although I note that there are some strong B racers who win quite a bit, but nobody seems upset about that they never cat up (the couple I am thinking of are not competitive when they do the A).

On the other hand, was talking with one of the most experienced racers, he says in this series I should focus on the actual race where I have cards to play, so I can learn racing. Just barely hanging on to the pack isn't real racing. Moreover, he says, this gives me the opportunity to help mentor my team and makes for a better overall race in the B (actual team tactics).

I'm a cat 3, not trying to cat up. I don't really have any aspirations other than having a good time and testing myself, and hopefully working with a cohesive team.

I'm sure some of you have been in this same situation. Did you stick with doing the B? I should note that in the last two As I was dropped on the first lap because of exhausted legs after the B sprint.
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