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Originally Posted by atwl77 View Post
Congrats on qualifying! Personally I prefer the qualifying brevets to be easier on those who've already preregistered for PBP, leave the tougher routes optional, so a nice and flat 600k sounds like a nice change of pace.

I haven't booked my flight yet either... but have already narrowing my choice down to a couple of airlines, I'll probably get that done by the end of the week.
I'm doing another 600K in two weeks to make sure this one wasn't a fluke... it'll have around 4000m of climbing but most of it rolling terrain that seems closer to that of PBP than some of the steeper little climbs in my area. This route includes a 'climb' very similar to the Roc'h Trevezel so that's a nice little bonus.

Originally Posted by gecho View Post
I mapped out our upcoming 600 and the climbing is just 929 meters, which is less than our 400. The wind has been gusting to 50+ km/h most days the past month and a half, but the forecast is looking promising not that it can be trusted. The forecast for today was west 10 and ended up being 30 gusting to 45 in the afternoon. Best part of the forecast is low 20s during the day and 12 at night, heat wears me down faster than the wind.

The 200 and 2 x 300s I did this year had awful headwinds that died away just as we turned down wind. 400 was calm most of the day, then a brutal headwind made the last 52 km take 4.5 hours.

I really need to do a few rides on my brevet bike this week to check the fit. I rode my mountain bike all last week and haven't been on my touring bike since I put the new bars on.
I do have a new respect for riding in the flatlands and especially in the wind... I really do coast a whole lot on rolling terrain it seems. Good luck on your 600!
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