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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I figured the guy who motor paced at 140MPH (or whatever it was) is the correct answer.

But I reckon it depends on how you define fastest.
I AM curious on other definitions.
That was Dr. Alan ****t - originally. Later it was broken by I forgot who.

To me it is time to get back to the start under own power and same average wind. Using stored/other's energy to get there is interesting, but does not count.
I can see that argument for peak speed too.

Running: 100m, 400m or marathon are different, but we generally give it to the 100m person.
But even in running there was some discussion that peak speed may be hit in the 200m. So for a brief period - the 200m runner may be faster.

In cycling it needs to be a current comparison. It is way too hard to compare Eddy to Sagan. Lotto did over 35mph in that TTT today. That was fast, but not an individual thing.
But comparing them to what USPS with Lance did is too difficult.

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