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Originally Posted by Dan333SP View Post
What you're really looking for is a continuation of the "Merckx rules" hour record, where people would run basically the same equipment Eddy used in 1972. Those rules were abandoned in 2014 in favor of modern aero bikes/wheels/skinsuits, but something along the lines of fastest human-powered effort over the course of an hour on a standard road bike is pretty close to what I'd consider the "fastest cyclist".
Yea, I think "std road bike" is somewhat a key. Even though we know non-standard is faster. But I am not looking to the hour.
More - just top speed. That is me, and I totally understand why someone else is more interested in an hour like others are more interested in a mile vs 100m.
I think comparing what they were then is too hard. Even a Eddy bike then ridden now, other things are different from roads, tires, venue.
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