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Just some general comments.

I had started a somewhat similar thread not long ago in the context of Brasstown Bald. It has a similar issue with Six Gaps but a more extreme max slope (and overall shorter). At that time I rejected that ride because the max slope was too far off the charts for me on my bike. I may end up in the same place on this one, BTW.

I did a sobering ride today. It was two hours and I spent the first hour kind of experimenting with simulating long/steep climbs via 'appropriately inappropriate" gear choices. Pretty much any kind of a descent tends to negate what you are doing as your are forced into relatively high RPM's (50/11 is my biggest gear). And over-all the ride was pretty sobering. I did a good bit of higher than normal power, 45 to 55 rpm riding of relatively short duration (see previous sentences). This is a very different kind of effort and I am not convinced that I will be ready for that by 9/29. Hermes called this 'more strength than aerobic'. My sense was that it added strength to something already aerobic. OTOH, I need a rest day (today was the 7th straight day of riding of some kind). So possibly not a good evaluation of current status against those kinds of efforts.And I guess that the short climb (no more than a minute) that I did at about 320 watts at 35 rpm was possibly excessive

I am not sure that I would go as far as Hermes when he said "Generally, my upper body fatigues before my legs. For me, climbing shorter steep stuff is a strength / technique versus aerobic matter", however I agree that this is very different.

I'll keep riding for another week or two and reassess, but right now I don't see myself taking on this ride with only a 34/29. And I already pretty much don't use my 34/27 here on local rides (much less a 29 or 32). Other than this ride having a 32 tooth dinner plate on my rear wheel brings little value. I am not giving up (and will at least explore the 34/32 option), right now I am glad that I booked cancel-able reservations and have not sent in my entry fee.

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