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Originally Posted by jbsjbs View Post
I've been looking for options to keep cool and hydrate more frequently during hot weather rides. I'd prefer not to wear a backpack but I do have a large rack pack commuter bag that I could keep something in.

My perfect find would be a bottle (for a cage) or a bladder (for the rack bag) with a hose attachment that had some sort of a trigger sprayer misting device as well as a bite/sip so you could drink or mist from the reservoir without taking anything out.

I've not yet been able to find that so if it doesn't exist my next choice would be a backpack that does the above with a long enough hose that I could either keep it in the rack bag or take it apart and put part of it in there.

And my next choice after that would be a backpack with a standard length hose and I'll just live with a sweaty back as long as I have the misting function to keep cool.

Anyone seen (or used) anything like this? Would be grateful for any leads! Thanks!!
Two large bottles in two bottle holders on the frame holds a lot. With practice it can be easy, possibly easier than using something to mist yourself with. I have never heard of a device that will mist you and let you drink through a hose. If needed you could stop once in a while to wet your face from a bottle.
I think if it would sell, by now one would be on the market already. I rode in 107 degrees a couple of days ago. As always I just hydrate properly and stop if needed.
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