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For all of the fly by the seat of the pants wrenching I do, I've never done anything that caused permanent damage. I will say that I use the Allen headed crank bolts.........just in case I have to tighten them up on a ride. I also carry a multi tool with an Allen wrench that will fit those bolts...........just in case I have to tighten them up on a ride.

By far the thing that has caused the worst amount of trouble is not getting my cell phone full charged before an event. I got lost on a century in Mid August one year. The phone died about halfway through. I never could get back on the correct path. At one point after about 45 minutes of riding, I ended up back at the place I was looking at the GPS when the phone died. I ended up doing 155 miles before I got back. I wasn't the only one who got lost. When I got back, they were still looking for 3 other riders.

Now if you are are talking about auto wrenching, let me give you some advice. Don't attempt to change a front CV axle without the CV axle puller tool. Don't do it. That's all I'm going to say about that. That pretty much goes for any type of job that requires a special tool.
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