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Painful groin issue

I have been an active cyclist for a number of years, both on the road and in spin classes during the colder months. I never had a real problem with pain in my groin. I got out of the habit and haven't ridden in over 2 years. I just started riding a spin bike at home to start getting back in shape. I'm wearing bibs when I ride but after 20 or 30 minutes I'm getting a very painful tingling in my groin. Almost like when your foot goes to sleep but worse! I definitely wouldn't call this numbness but very painful.

I have dealt with a painful butt when getting used to the seat in the past, and I know that's something that goes away in time. But this is something much worse and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I'm thinking about changing the seat on the bike, but not sure if that's the answer.

I find a lot of stuff online about "numb nuts" but nothing the describes the pain I am feeling. Maybe this is the same thing but I'm just not sure.
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