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It's hard to see what some of you guys are saying without pictures So forgive me if I'm repeating what has already been shared.

My milk crate bike mounting/dismounting technique. If you know the trick of mounting your bike straightaway by stepping down on one pedal and then throwing the other leg over, then you're 90% there. It's the same trick, except the 2nd leg goes over the top tube instead of the back wheel. To do this, you need some flexibility because you need to create space between your 1st leg (standing on the pedal) and the bike frame for your 2nd leg to pass through and go over the top tube. This can be done even on a top tube that is level with your inseam because your 1st leg is standing on the pedal which elevates your inseam above the top tube by several inches (5 inches on my bike). Actually this number is low because I typically throw my 2nd leg over when the pedal is between 2-3 o-clock which means my inseam is even higher above the top tube. At the point where I throw the 2nd leg over, I estimate my knees are practically level with the top tube, meaning the 2nd leg kind of just steps over the top tube. Ah, rereading this makes me realize I should just post some pictures instead.
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