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Originally Posted by roguewave View Post
Thanks, I think I have a leak somewhere, I just need to pinpoint where. Are these components rebuildable I wonder or do I just have to buy the whole rear brake set?
It would depend on the nature of the leak. Any component can be replaced. If it's a leaky seal within the rear caliper, you could replace the rear caliper itself. Same with the brake lever -- if there's a leak in the master cylinder there, the lever could be replaced. If there's a leak at a line connection at either the brake lever or brake caliper, you could replace just the fitting (and hopefully fix the leak).

In practice, it's often easier to simply replace the entire sealed thing. Fortunately, parts are available online pretty inexpensively.

Edit: another alternative is converting the brakes to mechanical disc brakes (cable-operated). Then there's no fluid to worry about -- it's just cables and cable housings. There are pros and cons to both...potential fluid leaks definitely being one of the disadvantages to hydraulic!

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