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Originally Posted by Eggman84 View Post
Are they available in Italy? They may be made/marketed for the US (and other countries) markets. I don't think of Italy as being a big touring market (not like Germany) but maybe a few touring bikes are marketed in Italy.
Did not think about that, but you're right, they may be specifically marketed to US markets. If that's the case, I'd prefer to look for something specifically marketed to Europe.

Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
If you buy in Italy, you are likely paying a VAT tax. If you bring a bike to Italy to keep it there for more than 90 days from outside the EU, you might have to pay a customs duty when you bring it in. That is something you may want to research.
Good points, I did not think of taxes and customs duty fees. Something to definitely look into, my company should probably reimburse for that as part of the relocation package.

Originally Posted by MarcusT View Post
Touring bikes in Italy are not common, though they can be found and usually ordered. Prices are pretty good for bikes and parts.
The larger cities in the north have more of a selection, and yes Cinelli can be had.
The biggest selection of touring bikes are sold by German companies and usually aluminum. Cube, Radon, etc.
Then there are the high end bikes like Koga
Do you know which city you will be in?
Thanks for the input, MarcusT! That really surprises me that there isn't a big market for touring bikes in Italy. I'd be happy finding something in Germany or Italy that would be similar to a Long Haul Trucker. Maybe you might have some recommendations for models I should keep an eye out for. I'll be in your neck of the woods... Vicenza.
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