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Originally Posted by imakecircles View Post
Ugh, the front quick release position on that '76!
The '74 catalog also shows the QR skewer lever pointed down, although the on-topic high flange helps obscure the weirdness.

A person might be charitable and say "well, they just happened to have one or two bikes slip through with that mispositioned QR lever". Unfortunately... that ain't the case.

The 1974 Raleigh Pro, although it also puts the lever on the bike's right side:

The 1974 Raleigh International:

The image of the Competiton is different, and might be obscuring the view of an offending skewer. I'll make the presumption of innocence and not show the image.

The 1974 Raleigh Gran Sport:

It's pretty hard to see the skewer in an image this size, so here's a link to the full resolution shot, if you are curious....

The 1974 Raleigh Super Course Mk. II (I do love that green!)

and even the 1974 Raleigh Gran Prix was not spared the shame of the droopy skewer lever...

Steve in Peoria
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